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One of the ways that your organization can work towards building an effective educational program is by developing and maintaining policies and procedures. The purpose of this page is to provide you with information on policy development and samples of policies so that you can develop policies for your educational program.

What are policies and procedures?
A policy tells people what to do


  • Are a statement of belief, value or the position of your organization as it relates to your mission

  • Are guidelines for making decisions

  • Define the responsibilities within an organization

  • Are a method of risk management

  • Are a rule

  • Aid to ensure program effectiveness

A procedure tells people how to do


  • Give directions for daily operations'

  • course of action'

  • methods or instruction relating to the policy.

Many schools write policies but do not have the procedure to explain how to implement the policy. Contact Approvals and Accreditation today for policies and procedures manuals for degree and non-degree institutions. Call (909) 949-7307 or email Approvals and Accreditation.

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